Solar Power Plant

The Best Ways to Utilize Solar Power Plant

The sun shines for free. With its energy, it creates Earth’s ecosystems and gives life to millions of animal species. Humans are also a part of this life cycle. Our need for energy has almost thrown our planet off balance. But through technology, we can capture sunlight and use it as the cleanest energy source. This fact is humanities only chance to go on developing at the same rate, while also maintaining the fragile balance of our planet. Prices of solar modules have dropped substantially in the last years, but their efficiency has increased. The government uses subsidies and legislative changes to enable a better return on investments in a domestic solar power plant.

Solar Power Plant – Investment for Life – Investment in Life.

The minimum lifespan of a solar power plant is thirty years. Payback is in less than ten years, and a regular annual income between 8 and 12% of the initial investment is achievable. The profit from the sale of electricity between the tenth and thirtieth year of the plant’s operation represent nothing but additional income. A solar power plant can be installed on a roof, or next to a building.

Solar Power  – Photovoltaics or Thermal Solar Power Plants?

Many people connect solar energy directly with photovoltaics and not with solar thermal energy generation. Solar Power PlantNevertheless, large commercial concentrating solar thermal power plants have been producing electricity at an inexpensive cost for more than 15 years, and some new solar thermal power plants are quick to be constructed. This blog mentions the two technologies, providing a short description.

Approximately one percent of the surface of the Sahara desert would be enough to provide the entire global electricity demand from solar thermal power plants. For that purpose, many people expect solar thermal power will be made in sun-belt countries. In opposition to photovoltaic plants, solar thermal power plants are not based on the photo effect but produce electricity from the temperature generated by sunlight.

Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant

Semiconductor substances such as silicon are applied to photovoltaic solar cells. In the cells, incoming photons separate positive and negative charge carriers. This generates an electrical energy, and the electrical current can drive a load. Since solar cells are modular, they can be grouped in units of any dimension. An inverter transforms DC voltage to AC and feeds the solar energy into the grid.

Thermal Solar Power Plants

The “trough” collectors that make up the solar field of a parabolic trough power plant are huge cylindrical parabolic mirrors that focus the sunlight on a range of focus. Many of these collectors are installed in lines about a hundred meters long and the whole solar field is formed of several such parallel rows.

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