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Hi there. My name is Jože Tomšič.

imageedit_20_8972035013Why am I so excited about the energy sector and about the question “how to use solar power at home”? I’m here for those who believe that a cleaner world is better. For those who bet on clean energy sources rather than those who are most polluting the planet. By leaving future generations a better and more sustainable world. I invite you to visit my website on renewable energy, with lots of information on alternative energy sources and how to implement it to suit your means.

My Goal is to contribute to greening our planet. I tried to leave this world a better, cleaner place for you and your children. You have to know that even with all our invention and the technology that make life so much comfortable than in the past, only one natural disaster is needed to wipe all that away and remind us that we’re still at the mercy of nature. And remember “The Earth does not belong to us: we belong to the Earth.”

Because of this reason I am a Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency advocate for our home, called Earth. I believe that Solar Energy is the way of the future. I would also like to point you in the right direction to Installers and providers that I feel you will get the best product for your money. Thank you, and I hope I can help move you towards a better future.

Sunny greetings from the sunny side of the Alps.


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